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Combined Efforts of Many Contribute to Proud Opening of the Amherst Visitor Center

After more than 20 years of planning and restoration, and not without trials and tribulations, the Amherst train depot has opened as a Visitor Center with offices for the Amherst County Economic Development Authority and the Amherst County Chamber of Commerce.

The restored depot sits in clear view of both US 29 and US 60, its bright yellow exterior a draw to travelers. The visitor center offers information about places and events in the county that interest tourists. It also houses historical information about the county as well as the depot itself.

Second Stage | Amherst Fulfilling Its Vision

It’s been over two years (since the summer of 2015) that the non-profit Second Stage | Amherst opened in the former home of the Amherst Baptist congregation, in downtown Amherst, with the goal of becoming a place shared by the Amherst community for a variety of purposes.

Besides attracting artists and becoming a focal point for cultural activities that add to the Amherst area’s quality of life, it has served as a convenient and low-cost venue for meetings, classes and workshops, community forums and a farmers’ market that started five years ago under the huge oak tree.