Amherst County Sheriff’s Department Earns Accreditation

The Amherst County Board of Supervisors presented the Amherst County Sheriff’s Department with a Commemorative Resolution at a 2021 meeting, congratulating the Sheriff’s Department for earning accreditation and acknowledging the many years of hard work it took to do so.

The accreditation process required the Sheriff’s Department to undergo, a complete review of its policies and procedures for evaluation against established measurements of the Virginia Law Enforcement Profession Standards Committee. On June 14-16, 2021, three assessors from different law enforcement agencies evaluated Amherst County on 190 standards and found it to be in 100% compliance. This compliance level is a rare accomplishment and exemplifies the high standards that the agency and personnel are held to.

The Amherst County Board of Supervisors extends their congratulations to Sherriff Viar and his department and thanks them for their hard work and service to the citizens of Amherst County and their dedication to continuously improving that service. Amherst County Press Release

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