Three Convenience Center Locations Are Now Open Seven Days a Week

The Pedlar and the Boxwood Farm Convenience Centers are now open seven days a week from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm; the Coolwell Convenience Center will continue with this schedule as well. The Board of Supervisors approved the change during the 2022 fiscal year budget process. All other convenience centers will continue to be open from 7:00 am- 7:00 pm Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and will be closed Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The convenience centers accept compact and bulk waste, plastic, cardboard, metal, and paper recycling. All convenience centers are closed on New Year’s Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day and close at noon the day before Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Convenience Center Locations:

Pedlar: 4102 Buffalo Springs Turnpike, Elon

Boxwood Farm:
2334 Boxwood Farm Road, New Glasglow

Coolwell: 580 Coolwell Road, Madison Heights

60 East: 114 Park Lane, Gladstone

Warrick Barn: 1015 Warrick Bard Road, Lowesville

Dodds Store: 4818 Lexington Turnpike, Amherst

Improvements at the Boxwood Farm Convenience Center are finished, and the site is now fully operational.

Additions to the location included two trash compactors, one cardboard compactor, and a metal/paper/mixed paper recycling container. Boxwood Farm Convenience Center is the location of the County’s first plastic/aluminum self-contained compactor. The dual compactor has two doors, one for plastic and one for aluminum, and will increase the site’s efficiency by taking up less space than two separate compactors. Located at 2334 Boxwood Farm Road, the center is open Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. Out of County Trash Permits, for non-county residents, can be purchased through Amherst County Public Works.

Permits are $100.00 and are good for one year. Checks should be made out to Amherst County Public Works. To purchase by mail, send a check and your return address to Amherst County Public Works, 715 Kentmoor Farm Road, Madison Heights, Virginia 24572.

Additional information may be obtained from Joy Niehaus at or (434) 946-9400. Amherst County Press Release.

Amherst County & the James River Association Celebrate Groundbreaking of New Access to the James & Plans For An Education Center

Amherst County and the James River Association (JRA) are celebrating the groundbreaking of imminent construction at Riveredge Park in Madison Heights that will expand public river access to more people and serve a greater variety of river users.

Jennifer Moore, Amherst County Board of Supervisors Chair and representative of the Madison Heights Voting District, said “The Board’s expansion of features at Riveredge Park continues.  This groundbreaking represents more river access, more educational opportunities and more excellent facilities for public use.  Our close working partnership with the James River Association continues to reap benefits for the people of Madison Heights, the county as a whole and our neighbors across the river.  We are excited to be hosting the Upper James River Center and to be a partner in expanding access and use of the Middle and Upper James to all.”

The new river access will be a paved pathway down to a landing that will be equipped with a ramp to launch canoes, kayaks and stand-up paddleboards.  This new landing, which will be just up-river from the building at the Riveredge parking lot, will allow boats to launch above the rapids across from the Langley fountain, making it easier to paddle upstream to Scotts Mill Dam. It will also have a floating dock to allow easy boarding onto JRA’s batteau. Batteau are shallow draft but very stable river crafts that were first built in Amherst County and used during the period from 1775 to 1840 to transport tobacco and other cargo on the James River and its tributaries. Adding the batteau program to JRA’s education and James River Adventures programs will open river experiences to a broader audience, including those with physical disabilities or small children.

JRA also announced plans for improvements at Riveredge Park to establish the Upper James River Center.  The Upper James River Center will turn the existing building into a state-of-the-art environmental education center to strengthen current education programs and serve as a focal point for river activities in the region.

“Amherst County Public Schools has been a partner with the James River Association for the past four years,” said Dr. William Wells, Assistant Superintendent of Amherst County Public Schools. “The James River Association does a wonderful job engaging students through hands-on outdoor experiences and helps students connect to the nature world. Amherst County schools is excited to see the new access point at Riveredge Park.”

The new facility will include aquariums featuring fish from the James River and new technology to help students understand the connection of their local waters to the entire James River, Chesapeake Bay and the world.  A new pavilion will also be added to serve as an outdoor classroom and can host community events as well.  All of these elements have tremendous potential to increase the impact of JRA’s education programs, attract new users, bolster tourism in the Amherst County and Lynchburg regions, and strengthen the community’s connection to the river.

“The Upper James River Center will help connect many more people to the James River and enhance all of our programs in the region,” said Bill Street, CEO for the James River Association. “Our goal is to ensure that everyone living around the James River is introduced to the river and enjoys a lifetime of benefits that it can provide.”

JRA’s Upper James RIver Center is part of an overall campaign called the James Changer Campaign that will expand JRA’s current programs, add three educational river centers along the James River, restore hundreds of acres of critical streamside and shoreline vegetated buffers and build JRA’s endowment.  The total fundraising goal for the three-year campaign is $20 million and JRA has raised $17.5 million to date.

For more information about JRA and its programs, visit

Amherst County Welcomes Patrick Nalley

Amherst County welcomed Patrick Nalley as Director of Recreation, Tourism and Cultural Development. Mr. Nalley’s job will include planning, organizing, and overseeing recreation and cultural development programs for Amherst County’s residents and visitors.

Sara Lu Christian previously served as Director of Recreation and Parks for over thirty-two years before retiring in January 2021. The department’s title was adjusted to reflect Mr. Nalley’s programmatic role and responsibilities. Management of the County’s parks and recreational facilities will be overseen by the Public Works Department.

Patrick has a Master’s in Sports Administration from Arkansas State University and is currently working toward his Doctorate in Public Administration from West Chester University. His previous experience includes three years as a Parks and Recreation Director for Peyton, Colorado, and twelve years as a swimming coach and aquatics facilities manager for multiple organizations. Amherst County Press Release.

Community Sign Installed in Lowesville

A new community sign was installed in Lowesville as part of the Board of Supervisors’ place making efforts.

The sign’s design was the joint effort of the Lowesville Community Group, the Board of Supervisors, and the Community Development Department and was produced by McBride Signs. The fisherman design is a reflection of the area’s lakes and active fishing community, while the mountain illustrates the picturesque scenery of Lowesville.

The sign is located just before the intersection of Lowesville Road and Woodson Road. The Board hopes that the new sign is the first of many highlighting different geographic communities within Amherst County. Each sign will reflect a defining feature of the area.

Board Designates New Freedom of Information Act Officer

At their April 6, 2021 meeting, the Amherst County Board of Supervisors designated Kristen Freeman as the new Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Officer for Amherst County. Ms. Freeman will replace the former FOIA Officer, Rachel Carton.

The FOIA Officer serves as the public’s point of contact when requesting public records and ensures the County complies with FOIA regulations. The County Attorney and the Virginia Freedom of Information Advisory Council provide initial training. Additional training takes place at least once every twenty-four months.

Ms. Freeman can be contacted at or (434) 946-9415.

Information on FOIA, how to request information, and Amherst County’s FOIA responsibilities can be found on the County website:  Amherst County Press Release

Live Streaming Board of Supervisors Meetings

The Amherst County IT Department has installed new cameras in the Amherst County Public Meeting Room.

The stationary cameras have replaced the small webcam that was previously used to stream meetings. The cameras and software can simultaneously capture the Board of Supervisors, speakers, and audience members and stream to multiple sources. The IT Department spent a significant amount of time researching, purchasing, installing and testing the new cameras and software.

Board of Supervisors Meetings can now be viewed live on Facebook and YouTube where they are archived for later viewing, also.

To watch the meetings on YouTube, visit

To watch the meetings on Facebook, visit

Amherst County Press Release

Coalition for a Cleaner County Celebrates First Anniversary

The Coalition for a Cleaner County (CCC) will celebrate its first anniversary this month. The group started meeting in March 2020 and had its first County Cleanup Day on April 25, 2020. Virginia Myers serves as the coalition chair. Members include representatives from the Amherst County Staff and representatives from The Economic Development Authority, the Virginia Department of Transportation, and community members.

In the past year:

• 40 Amherst County residents have served approximately 1500 hours.

• 50k gallons of trash have been picked up.

• 125 tires have been collected

Special thanks go out to Robbie Wright who personally served 900 hours and collected 450 fifty-gallon trash bags.

The CCC has set a goal to double the amount of trash collected in their second year. Information about clean up days and other programs are shared on the group’s Facebook Page:

Citizens interested in volunteering can also contact Virginia Myers at Amherst County Press Release.

Med 6 Ambulance Completes First Shift

Amherst County Public Safety’s new Type 1 Ambulance, Medic 6, went into service on May 18, 2021.

Med 6 finished its first 24-hour shift Wednesday, May 19, 2021, and was staffed by Ryan Whidden, Advanced EMT-FF, and Vianca Chaidez EMT-Paramedic.

The 2020 Ford F-550 PL Custom Advanced Life Support Ambulance will be based at the Amherst Rescue Station and serve the community from the Town of Amherst. The ambulance was partially funded by a Virginia Office of Emergency Medical Services Grant and the Board of Supervisors. Amherst County Press Release.

Patio Homes & Townhomes Approved On South Coolwell Road

During their July 20, 2021 meeting, the Board of Supervisors held a public hearing and approved a rezoning application, and made a change to the future land use map.

Jamey White of White Engineering and Design requested the rezoning of a parcel of land on Coolwell Road. The change in zoning will allow the property owner to build a multi-family development, including a mix of one-level patio homes and two-story townhouses. The units will be sold at fair market value.

Several Amherst County citizens spoke in favor of the development during the public hearing. Currently, retired Amherst County residents often have to move to neighboring localities to find living spaces that can accommodate their needs. Growth like this allows those citizens to retire and continue to reside in Amherst County. Amherst County Press Release.

Trapezium Brewing Co. Opens Camp Trapezium in Amherst

Trapezium Brewing Co. was excited to announce the grand opening of Camp Trapezium last June in Amherst. Camp Trapezium sits on 100 acresand comprises a sustainable permaculture farm, brewery and taproom, and an eight suite Airbnb.

The multi-million dollar renovation of the old mill, undertaken by Waukeshaw Development, Trapezium’s parent company, comes on the heels of Waukeshaw’s recent opening of The Westie, a 41 unit apartment building in Madison Heights, and the successful rebirth of Winton Farm, the former Winton Country Club. Camp Trapezium’s taproom will be a full-service restaurant with indoor and outdoor dining, featuring brick oven pizza.

A permaculture farm was established onsite in 2019, with the goal of supplying as many food and beer ingredients as possible, right down to the yeast harvested off the property. Honeybees, berries, greens, herbs, tomatoes, and other specialty fruits and vegetables are all sustainably raised here. Visitors to Camp Trapezium are encouraged to roam the property and view the farm from which their food comes.

This was the former Amherst Milling Co. for over 200 years.

Waukeshaw converted the property’s historic farmhouse into an eight unit Airbnb, creating an  immersive experience for its guests, with fully renovated suites, ample space for relaxing indoors  and out, and opportunities to engage with the farm and brewery.

Waukeshaw’s Chief Operating Officer, Emily Sanfratella, states that “from the moment we laid eyes on this property, we knew we had something special here. Converting a historic mill to a functioning brewery and taproom was no easy task, and our entire team has worked relentlessly tobring this place to life. We couldn’t be more excited to open our doors this weekend.”

Formerly known as the Amherst Milling Company, the mill was a staple in the community since its inception circa 1813. The mill produced flour and cornmeal for over 200 years. Camp Trapezium is proud to carry on the tradition of providing locally produced products to the Amherst area.

The renovation of the historic mill and its surrounding buildings was completed to the standards of the National Park Service and Virginia Department of Historic Resources. Waukeshaw’s President, Dave McCormack, says, “Our goal in renovating was to preserve the unique character of this property, leaving as much of the original materials in place as possible. Accomplishing thiswhile also bringing the building up to code was a challenge, but with the support and partnership of the town and county, we’ve succeeded.”

The Economic Development Authority of Amherst County, the Town of Amherst, Amherst County, and Virginia Department of Environmental Quality were instrumental in bringing this project to fruition. Waukeshaw worked closely with Amherst County and the Planning Commission through the rezoning and regulatory process and received a grant from the Virginia Brownfields Assistance Fund from the Department of Environmental Quality for environmental remediation work.

“We’re thrilled to have Camp Trapezium as part of the Town of Amherst, and to see the iconic Amherst mill brought back to life” said Sara Carter, Amherst Town Manager.

“Working with Trapezium to bring this project to fruition has been an excellent experience,” said Amherst County Administrator, Dean Rodgers. “I know that this place will be an economic driver for the County, and for the region.”

For more information about Trapezium Brewing Co., visit
Amherst County Press Release