Amherst County Welcomes Patrick Nalley

Amherst County welcomed Patrick Nalley as Director of Recreation, Tourism and Cultural Development. Mr. Nalley’s job will include planning, organizing, and overseeing recreation and cultural development programs for Amherst County’s residents and visitors.

Sara Lu Christian previously served as Director of Recreation and Parks for over thirty-two years before retiring in January 2021. The department’s title was adjusted to reflect Mr. Nalley’s programmatic role and responsibilities. Management of the County’s parks and recreational facilities will be overseen by the Public Works Department.

Patrick has a Master’s in Sports Administration from Arkansas State University and is currently working toward his Doctorate in Public Administration from West Chester University. His previous experience includes three years as a Parks and Recreation Director for Peyton, Colorado, and twelve years as a swimming coach and aquatics facilities manager for multiple organizations. Amherst County Press Release.

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